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I love the village of Marindvor

The village of Marindvor is located in the rural part of Republic of Croatia in Požega-Slavonia County, as a suburb of the City of Požega. Marindvor is located about 5 km north of the city of Požega at the foot of the UNESCO World Geopark Papuk. Neighboring villages are Krivaj, Kunovci and Bankovci in the north, Novi Štitnjak in the south, Stara Lipa in the west and Štitnjak in the east. The postal code is 34000 Požega, Republic of Croatia, European Union. The calling number is +385 (0)34, and the car registration number is PŽ.

The geographical coordinates of the village of Marindvor are 45°22′23″N 17°38′24″E.

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According to the 2021 census, Marindvor had 118 inhabitants.
Population movement from 1857 to 2021 in the village of Marindvor.

Kretanje broja stanovnika Marindvor

The Jasikovac Forest is a natural entity and the most valuable part of the landscape of the village of Marindvor, which is a suburban settlement of the City of Požega. The forest is deeply woven into the history and tradition of Marindvor residents and is part of the cultural heritage through the customs and coexistence of generations of our residents. In the forest there is a source of drinking water, Vlašica, which has been used for generations by the inhabitants of the villages of Marindvor and Štitnjak. The Jasikovac Forest is part of our identity, and at the same time a strong source of sustainable development of the suburban settlement of Marindvor.

There are century-old trees in the forest, which, according to locals, were also planted by Vladimir Aladar pl. Reiner Brestovački (Požega 1883 – 1962) who lived in Marindvor with his wife Marija Sarkotić (1888 Karlovac – 1968 Osijek) and family. Aladar graduated from the nautical academy in Bakro and devoted himself to his estate in Marindvor, where he built a spiritan. His wife, Marija, is the daughter of Josip Sarkotić, the director of the Zagreb Royal High School for Girls, and the niece of Field Marshal Stjepan baron Sarkotić, commander of Bosnia, Herzegovina and Dalmatia. The Reiner family founded the Dr. Mija Reiner Family Foundation to support artisans and to establish an orphanage. Father of Aladar I. Dr. chem. Michael Mijo Otto pl. Reiner, lord of Brestovački (Veliki Bečkeret 27.9.1844 - 1.9.1925. Podbrežje near Maribor) as a city representative, deputy mayor of Požega, then a member of the county assemblies and the economic branch, distinguished himself by his zeal for promoting the economy and industrial enterprises in the Požega region and patented the anti-malarial drug 'Malarin'.

Obitelj ReinerDvorac u Marindvoru

Michael and Aladar with their family in Marindvor and Marindvor Castle

In the past period, the Jasikovac forest proved to be a natural protection of the inhabited part of Marindvor during storms coming from the north and northeast. During the summer heat, it brings us refreshment, which results in a few degrees Celsius lower temperature than in the City of Požega.
In the forest there is a rich animal world (various birds, squirrels, butterflies...) and plant life (oak, wild cherry, linden, hornbeam, elder, different mushrooms, wild plants, medicinal plants and much more) which contributes to biodiversity of our region and reduces the impact of climate change. Spatially speaking, the Jasikovac forest is within the City of Požega, which has a special value for all residents of Požeština.

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