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On 13h July 2020 The Grant Agreement was signed by Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes and Lifelong Learning Centre IGOR for a project called "More innovation", 2020-1-HT01-KA104-077207 as a part of ERASMUS+ project, Key Action 1: Mobility of individuals.

This is the first ERASMUS+ project which IGOR, Lifelong Learning Centre is exponent to, which lifts our hearts and encourages us for the future enhancing of work quality in sector of adult education.

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Igor Štavlić has participated in NTC Learning System part I and part II seminar in Belgrade on 12th and 13th October 2019. The seminar was given by Ranko Rajović, the author of the NTC programme, and Uroš Petrović, the co-author of the NTC programme.

The NTC programmme connected the knowledge of modern medicine in neuroanatomy, neuroendocrinology and neurophysiology to children's everyday activities. It was originated with the purpose of enabling the children to effectuate their own potential, as well as the need to defeat increasingly present problems such as speech, reading and writing disorders. The children from the EU countries achieve above-average results compared to the children from Asian countries in PISA tests. Therefore, the EU accentuated the pertinence of so-called functional knowledge, i.e. the development of speed of thinking, connecting and inference.

The main role of NTC programme is the usage of new inventions in neuroscience, both in classrooms and everyday life. NTC learning programme is compound of different activites and games for children, which are based on knowings about brain development and brain work and, according to a lot of research, they have a positive impact on brain development in the period when it is the most important, in the period of the most intensive growth and development - from the bith to age 10. The game, as an inner motivation of the child, is the key factor of the NTC programme.

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