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IGOR, the Lifelong Learning Centre in Nature is located on an Permaculture Estate of about 10 ha in the rural area of the Republic of Croatia in the village of Marindvor near the town of Požega. IGOR mostly promotes and implements programs and projects of Lifelong Learning, Sustainable Development, Ecological Agriculture, Culture of Peace and Cultural Diversity, Personal Development, Community-led Local Development, Environmental Awareness, Development of Sustainability Competencies for the Labour Market (Digital competences...) and Life Competencies. In November 2020, IGOR joined the Pact for Skills of the European Commission, as part of the European Skills Agenda, Skills for Jobs. In August 2021, we joined the Croatian Network for Social Entrepreneurship, and from July 2023 IGOR is a member of LAG Barun Trenk, LAGs are an original and important element of the LEADER approach. We actively implement EU projects in the field of education in the role of coordinator, partner or external expert.

Our mission...

Encouraging and co-creating humanity's transition to living in love, health and well-being through Lifelong Learning and action.

Our location is...

in the village of Marindvor, next to the city of Požega, in Croatia, Europe, on planet Earth, within the solar system, the Milky Way galaxy...

The geographical coordinates of the village Marindvor are 45°22′23″N 17°38′24″E

Did you know that the approximate distance of the village of Marindvora is from:

- Požega 4.7 km

- Zagreb 138 km

- Sarajevo 178 km

- Belgrade 228 km

- Ljubljana 255 km

- Vienna 329 km

- Skopje 477 km

- Rome 567 km

- Prague 573 km

- Frankfurt 851 km

- Paris 1,217 km

- London 1,472 km

- Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 157 km

- Rtanj Mountains 384 km

- Egyptian pyramids, Giza 2,079 km

- Tajmahala, India 5,593 km

- Kathmandu, Nepal 6,163 km

- Puttaapartija, India 6,600 km

- Lake Titicaca, Peru 11,025 km

- Machupicchu, Peru 11,059 km

- Easter Island, Chile 14,953 km

- the center of the planet Earth 6,368 km

- satellites of the Moon 384,400 km

- planet Venus 38,000,000 km  261,000,000 km

- planet Mars 54,000,000  401,000,000 km

- planet Jupiter 588,000,000  968,000,000 km

- Sun 147,100,000 – 152,100,000 km

- the center of the Milky Way galaxy 25,800 light years away

- Orion 1,344 light years

- Sirius 8,611 light years

- Arcturus 36.66 light years

- Zeta Reticuli 39.17 light years

- Aldebaran 65.23 light years

- Pleiades 444.2 light years

- Antares 554.5 light years

- Betelgeuse 642.5 light years

- Andromeda 2,357,000 light years

- There is no distance from the source of everything created because it is non-local, according to the current level of recognition of reality.


Considering the insights obtained from Nikola Tesla about the speed of scalar waves, all this is actually part of our neighborhood...


Nikola Tesla3

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